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Downriver Cruise
Burning Rubber
The Big Apple Bite 2005
Back to the Future in Motor City
Downriver Cruise
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Every year, under the intense heat of the hot, hot summer sun all roads in Michigan leads to Downriver; that is all classic cars enthusiasts in the Wolverine State and their cross-state neighbors to as far back west to sunny California and down south to stormy Florida, not to mention the Canucks just across the river who would all converge into the biggest show on this isde of town of hot rockin’ a’ rollin’ oldies but goodies automobiles that once ruled the roads of Continental America.

The annual Classic Car Cruise in June draws a crowd of more than 500,000 people as they feast on the nostalgic sights and beauties of the pioneering American Automobiles of a bygone era and relive even just for two days the good old glory days in a massive show of booming engines and pageantry that can only be found in the heart of the American Automobile Industry.

The still steaming cars cruises through the stretch of Fort Street as they run through the four cities of Southgate, Lincoln Park, Riverview and Wyandotte reminiscent of the days when they were kings. For two successive days in summer, ageless automobiles once again held fort on Fort Street as they literally burn rubber into the flaming asphalted road in Southeast Michigan’s Downriver Area just a stone’s throw away from the hallowed grounds of the Motor City.

The hundreds of thousands of people who lined up the streets from 10 a.m. until dark were treated to an endless parade of beautifully jazzed up cars as they revved up their deep throated engines and blitzed by on the streets amid the roars of approval from the appreciative crowd of car buffs, the curious and awed spectators.

From the old line Ford Models and other four- wheeled timeless masterpieces to the red- hot fire trucks engines down to the last classic John Deere’s green agricultural tractors, literally a rolling history is passing by right before your very eyes. The sight of the Mustangs and Thunderbirds lining up bumper to bumper and side by side with the Corvettes and Studebakers could literally make your day a bump- free joy ride. Your eyes are treated to a masterpiece when you finally laid your eyes on one of the rarest car on the planet the dashing Duesenberg- a moving experience that every passionate car lovers worth his salt will not pass upon in this automobile crazy world.

Despite the heat and the sunburns, the thirst and the exhaustion, you could see it in the eyes of the people who were there that they couldn’t asked for more and you can bet your life on it that they will always come back year after year to see the car of their dreams and relive the olden days again.


The 2006 Downriver Cruise

The 2004 Downriver Cruise

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